How Can Employers Help Their Staff?

How can you promote mental health in your workplace?

Being open and honest about mental health within the workplace is a fantastic approach to take. Not only does it form part of your duty of care as a manager to ensure your staff are well, but an open culture of support means that there is likely to be less time of due to ill health and will generally improve morale across teams.

Small changes make a big difference:

Promoting an open and supportive environment doesn’t mean you always have to do grand, sweeping gestures as an employer. Small things will be really appreciated by your staff and can make a big difference. These include:

  • Having posters/flyers promoting where people can find support (i.e., Samaritans/Andy’s Mans Club/Mind UK)
  • Promoting you Employee Assistance Programme regularly
  • Having peer champions – staff who are happy to be a point of call, that have lived experience, that can support peers confidentially.
  • Having regular 1-2-1’s with staff and genuinely making sure they are ok. Be open to putting measures (reasonable adjustments) into place to support people if they are struggling.
  • Promoting Wellness Action Plans within the workplace for employees to use/encourage staff to bring to supervisions if they would like to share.
  • Leading by example – encouraging staff to take breaks, leave on time, have small amounts of time out from their desks.

Some bigger things that you might consider:

  • Having a ‘comfort space’ – a space which is more relaxed than a staff room/kitchen/desk area – perhaps with sofa’s/relaxing colours that people can go to for some quiet time if they feel they need it.
  • Having Mental Health Awareness Day’s/Weeks
  • Organising Team Days – where the full team/departments are given a day within work time to do something together – go for a walk, do some team building activities, have a social meal out.
  • Ensuring members of the team are mental health first aid trained.
  • Allowing staff time to volunteer on works time (social value for the company and allows staff to invest in areas of interest)

How can Richmond Fellowship help your workplace?

  • Support you to assess your current work environment and practices to see how mental wellness is currently promoted.
  • Develop a tailored action plan with you to develop the company’s skills with supporting and promoting mental wellness and supporting those experiencing mental ill health.
  • Work with you and employees around reasonable adjustments to retain staff
  • Support with Return-to-Work Process and reasonable adjustments
  • Offer our Workshops on site at your company
  • Services are available for staff to privately refer into as well
  • Support with the organisation of Team Days
  • Staff have the opportunity to volunteer with us as well/become peer champions.

Further Training Signposting:

Further Information about Mental Health in the Workplace, including legal obligations can be found at the following: